[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] New book, "Under Arrest" by Don Miller

Donald Miller dnmiller at whiz.to
Tue Jul 27 14:53:46 PDT 2004


Recently while in Zhitomir, Ukraine, my second book "UNDER ARREST." was
printed.  It is hardcover, 238 pages.  The book brings to light for the first
time in history the plight of the Russian Germans in the Zhitomir region in
the 1930s, who were arrested, falsely accused, tortured, humiliated, deported,
shot, starved to death or worked to death in brutal Gulags and Trudameers
under the Soviet regime in Ukraine.  It is based on the files of Stalin's
victims found in the former Party archives, top-secret documents, newspaper
accounts, oral reports, private letters and family histories.  The book also
exposes some of the inner workings of the Bolshevik Party and the dark side of
humanity.  In addition, the book contains numerous archival exhibits and over
60 unique photos.

The price of the book is $30 (U.S.Dollars), plus $5. for postage and handling.
The book can be ordered on line and paid for by credit card at my website
http://inthemidstofwolves.com  Or you can e-mail me at dnmiller at whiz.to and
send your check to me at 12814 NW Bishop Road, Hillsboro, Or. 97124.  Canadian
checks marked US funds are acceptable. The book will also be available at Dave
Obee's book table at the SGGEE Convention next week, less the $5.00 P and H

My first book In the Midst of Wolves (A History of German Baptists in
Volhynia, Russia, 1863-1943) is also available.  The cost is $25., plus $5.

Donald N. Miller
Genealogist and Tour Leader,
Volhynian Adventure Tours.

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