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GVLESS at aol.com GVLESS at aol.com
Thu Jul 29 11:25:50 PDT 2004

I just had to write in response to the question of what our nationality is 
etc.  Yes, Jerry, I am "German" when it comes to my cultural background, thanks 
to my grandparents speaking the language.  But, I have two different 
backgrounds - one that is German-German on my Dad's side and the other set of 
grandparents who are Volga Deutsch (out of Russia).  My husband's parents both came 
from Volhynia and grandparents from Poland which were under Russian control at 
the time of their living there.  So we both have always said German was our 
background even tho not knowing the language and not even knowing German foods 
that well!   However, I like to really identify my heritage by using the term 
"German from Russia" as our background.  (But American by birth, of course.)  
Using the G from R term usually causes one who asked the question of me to stop 
and wonder.  This then is a good opportunity to explain.  That is important to 
do so, don't you think?  So many people are surprised by such an answer and 
begin to ask questions.  What a time to then "tell our story"!!   We shouldn't 
miss the chance to honor our heritage.  The GR story is so unknown today.      

So I am an American, also German through and through, but mostly through my 
German from Russian ancestors.

Virginia Less

P.S.  Next week's convention is almost here.  Have some of you prepared some 
pictures for display of your ancestors and their life "over there", or stories 
of what their life was all about?  I will be awaiting your contribution in 
the Research Room to add to the collection SGGEE is accumulating.  See you then.

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