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Hi Rose,

there are about 30 Lischnewskis, 18 Leschniewskis and  3 Lischniewskis in
the German telephone book, but no Lischneski. Another variation is
Lischewski and Lissewski. They contain the word "lis", the Polish word for
fox for a clever or red-haired person.


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> I'm looking at some microfilmed records (1899 to 1925 - written in German)
> from Okorsk, Luck, Volhynia and see a surname (written by different
> for three families as follows.  Two fathers in two families declare they
> Catholic.
> Lischneski
> Lischnewski
> Lischniewski
> Leschniewski
> Any thoughts on the correct name spelling?
> Rose Ingram
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