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Your question gives me a chance to put in a plug for Don Miller's new book,
"Under Arrest", which will be for sale soon at the SGGEE Convention in Calgary,
and no doubt available also from Dave Obee.

It happens that Joseph Ittermann's case occupies two pages (136-37).  Joseph was
arrested in 1934--on made-up charges, as were all of them--, but the case was
dropped due to lack of evidence.  They tried again the following year with the
same results  "The record is not clear," says Miller, "but it appears that the
NKVD eventually got rid of him by "administrative deportation" [this is the same
term used by the Czarist government to describe its expulsion of German
colonists from Volhynia and Poland in 1914-15].  After that he disappeared
without a trace.  He was rehabilitated on October 20, 1989."

On the basis of this, Nelson, "what happened to him" may not be knowable.  Do
you have the records of his "rehabilitation"?  Miller describes the current work
of Eugene Timirajev in the Zhitomir Archives, documenting and publicizing the
names "of all those who wre repressed by the Soviet government in the Zhitomir
region from 1920 to 1986".  Perhaps Timirajev's work will turn up something on
your uncle.  Don, if you're listening, could you tell us whether it is possible
to write to Timirajev for information?

Dick Benert

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> Last year on my visit to the Ukraine I was able to obtain the
> KGB File on my Uncle Joseph Ittermann. He was supposedly convicted and sent to
> a labour camp for three years.
> Does anyone know where I could write to find out what happened to him. Any
> help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Nelson Itterman
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