[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Labour Camp Death Records

Donald Miller dnmiller at whiz.to
Mon Jun 28 21:11:50 PDT 2004


Yes, I am very well acquainted with Memorial.  A number of years ago, I
faxed a letter to Memorial in Moscow at 011 7 095 973-2094 requesting
information on my uncle, Heinrich Mueller, who was sent to the Gulag in
Belomorst and later transferred to theMoscow-Volga Canal.  I received a
two-page answer about a month later verifying that he had indeed been sent
to the Gulags.  This, of course, is confirmed by the NKVD documents in

Now the fate of the prisoners sent to the Gulag is another issue.  I was
recently in Petrozavodsk on my way up to visiting the White Sea-Baltic Canal
and was informed by the local historian that the records of the fate of the
prisoners are there in the archives and that the files can by accessed.  He
promised to do this for me for Heinrioch Mueller.  It only takes time, he
said. We will see.

By the way, the local historian took me a mass grave, near Lock No. 3, in
the woods.  Later that evening he showed me pictures of a huge pile of
skulls which he claimed to have dug up at the site.  It was horrifying.

Nelson, as for the 1935 arrest of Joseph Ittermann, I wrote the whole thing
down and included the essence of it in my recent book, "Under Arrest."


PS  Richard, a good answer to Nelson's earlier e-mail and thanks for the
plug for my new book.

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