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I think Glowac is derived from the Polish name Gl~owacki.  Gl~owacki is a
well-known Polonization of the German name Kopp and Koeppe (from Kopf=head).
The German "Haupt" also means head, as does the Polish "Gl~owa".  Therefore,
Haupt could also have been Polonized into Gl~owacki.

Jan Textor, Denmark

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> GLOWAC is certainly a new variant for Haupt as far as I am
> concerned.  I know
> that in Russian the H may appear as a G, i.e. Gaupt, but what language is
> Janice
> Researching:  Haupt, Mincho, Stohl or Stoll, Rathfelder, Gangnus,
> Groenke,
> Doweidt, Ellerbruch, Giertz, Schultz

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