[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Labour Camp Death Records

JSchu9014 at aol.com JSchu9014 at aol.com
Tue Jun 29 19:10:04 PDT 2004


Thank you so much for giving me a better picture of the times in which my 
great grandfather Christian Haupt and his family may have experienced.  

I mentioned the letters about Memelland in the mid to late 20s only because 
there was a story in the family that Christian and his family, decided not to 
return to Volhynia, and I am only assuming that they were among those forced to 
leave in 1915, but instead may have eventually gotten to the area known as 
Memelland.  That was the reason for the question regarding being allowed to 
freely go elsewhere after being forced  to leave Volhynia.

No one wishes more than I that those letters still existed.  Unfortunately, 
they are only a vague memory of an 84 year old uncle, of envelopes marked 
"Memelland."  My grandfather, Edward Haupt, was a very private man and shared very 
little of his history with his children or grandchildren.  I think this may 
have been the case of many of our ancestors who lived thru those frightening 

Again, Dick, thank you so much for your history lesson.


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