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Wed Jun 30 00:35:23 PDT 2004

The Polish word "gol~a~bka" means dove, so I very much doubt that GOLOBKA =

If you are researching Polish records for your Haupt ancestors, there is a
slight possibility that you might find records showing the alternative
spelling (Polonization) of Haupt = Glowacki.  I don't think, however, that
you need to look for the other German name Kopf.  One thing is that some
Polish priests tried to Polonize all German names, but why should they
substitute one German name for another German name.  And I certainly don't
think that you have been looking for the wrong spelling all the time.

Jan Textor
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  This past April a cousin living in Bochum who has been helping in my
research for my Haupt ancestors, suggested another alternative spelling for
Haupt.  She mentioned
  Haupt = GOLOBKA.  I rather scoffed at that, but now there is another
spelling of
  Haupt = GLOWAC, or Haupt = Gl~OWACKI.   Apparently these could be Slavic

  Is there any possibility that these alternative spellings of HAUPT could
have been used in records?  Have I been looking for the wrong spelling all
this time?  Should I also look for the spelling of Haupt  = KOPF?

  Janice Schultz

  Researching:  Haupt, Mincho, Stohl or Stoll, Rathfelder, Gangnus, Groenke,
  Ellerbruch, Giertz, Schultz

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