[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] County: Hohensalza, Village "Sanddorf?" vor 1919

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On my 1803 Gilley map, your #3 shows up about 0.25 Prussian miles NNW of 
Rojewo.  There is no modern village named there that I can see on my modern 
1:100,000 map.  According to one source I found, a Prussian mile = 8,238 
yards = 4.6 English miles so roughly a mile NNW of Rojewo.  Probably about 
half way between Rojewo and Jaszczoltowo on the modern map.

You would probably need to search the records of the Lutheran Church in Rojewo.

At 03:50 PM 10/03/2004 -0500, Otto wrote:
>I've been unsuccessful in locating the following 'present day' village
>of: "SANDDORF" kreis Hohensalza/today's Province: Bydgoskie.
>Or is "Sanddorf" now non-existent?
>I've found 3 German villages named Sanddorf
>1. Sanddorf/kreis Berent (Westpreussen)
>2. Sanddorf/kreis Bromberg (Posen)
>3. Sanddorf/Hohensalza (Posen
>nr. 3. is my focus:
>German name: Sanddorf
>Today's name:?????????
>Kreis Hohensalza/Inowroclaw
>Province Posen/Bydgoskie
>Located around Roneck/Rojewo
>Lutheran Parish: Roneck 1905
>Catholic Parish: Plonkowo 1905
>Gemeindelexikon: v-12-78
>Population 1905- '119'
>Anyone. . .?
>(on the trail of "Schultz")
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