[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] PLace search Pylicza, District of Kalisch

Sandra Hartfiel tzolda at gmx.de
Sun Mar 14 15:42:21 PST 2004

Hello all,

I just had the chance to have a look at film nr. 1897596
"Verzeichnis der Gestorbenen der Kirchgemeinde Rozyszcze im Jahr 1882"
(Death records of the parish Rozyszcze 1882)

I finally found the record of Gustav HARTFIEL, and the place of his birth is
definitely called
Pylicza, Gubr. (District) Kalisch.

Does anyone of you know, where this place could be?

Gubr. Kalisch .- can anyone tell me, how large this area was into the east?
On this map of SGGEE: The Polish German frontier per 1892 Atlas of Germany
(no indices yet) -
Posen right side, this area seemes to be quite large (until Lodz?)

I want to know the place name to find the parish and the churchbook of it.

If someone needs a lookup in this film nr 1897596, just tell me. I can try
to find it for you and maybe send you a copy of it...

Kind regards

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Rose Ingram

 : I am trying to find some family records and information on my relatives
: when they lived in Poland and Latvia.  Your instructions on the web were
: somewhat confusing and so I am contacting you.  Below is some of the
: general family information I currently have about my ancestors.
: :
: : My name:  Adolf (Adi) H. Hartfeil and live in West Linn, Oregon, USA
: : Our email address:  adibarb at bigzoo
: :
: : My father:  Gustav Hartfeil, b on Sept.16, 1900 in Grumasch, Lutzk,
: Ukraine; m on June 1920 in Neuhausen (Valtaiki), Latvia
: :
: : My mother:  Kristine Ulmer, b on June 8, 1899 in Breslau, Wolinien,
: Poland; m on June 1920 in Neuhausen (Valtaiki), Latvia
: :
: : My grandfather:  Daniel Hartfeil, b on March 30, 1869 in Ukraine
: : My grandmother:  Marie Petrich, b on April 25, 1878 in Ukraine
: :
: : My other grandfather:  Joseph Ulmer, b in 1854 in Warsaw, Poland;
: in 1892
: : My other grandmother:  Katerina Ulmer, b in 1863, Poland; married in
: 1892; died in 1908 in Perbone, Latvia
: :
: : Please let me know if you have any information on my ancestors who I
: listed or how I my be able to get some information on them.
: :
: : Thanks for your time and assistance,
: : Adi & Barb Hartfeil

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