[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Ludwig Trauntner - born Plotz 1886

jamie trauntner jamie_trauntner at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 14 21:31:29 PST 2004

I am trying to research my G.F. His papers state he was born in Plotz. I 
suggest this would be Plotzk which is now Plock in Poland. At that time of 
couse it was Russian. In about 1890 he with his elder brother and their 
Mother sailed for Canada. On the voyage the Mother died. Both young boys 
arrived in Canada as orphans and wer placed on a farm (Unknown where) Elder 
boy (Johann) ran off to USA and they never met again. Luwig ran off also to 
USA when about 15yrs (1901?)He spoke of New York, the Bronx and Pittsburg. 
He worked on ships which I believe were a German line. He sailed to Africa 
several times. He ended up in England in WW1 and served in France with the 
Middlesex Regiment. He left that regiment in 1919 and his discharge papers 
state he joined the Polish Army. I do not know if he served in the 
Russo-Polish war of 1919-21.
Can anyone please advise if Plotz is indeed another spelling of Plock. As he 
was a Catholic what organisations would be best searched for his Polish 
roots. Can anyone suggest how we can find out what ship from which port he 
would have departed from to end up in Canada as a child.
Please reply to jamie_trauntner at hotmail.com

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