[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Powiat maps of Russian Poland

Sig Matt sig.matt at juno.com
Sun Mar 21 21:28:34 PST 2004

        Add my thanks to all who contributed to this interesting and
enlightening discussion
about defining definitions, also my special thanks for the short list of
Jurisdictional changes
for that region in Poland, as people in my age group need a periodic
refresher of those dates to save looking each one up individually. 

It is my belief that it behooves all of us to be as specific as possible
in our definitions.
So I would interpret Leduc, NWT, as highly likely in the time period
before 1905,
and by the same definition Leduc, Alberta, in the time period beginning

In Nelson's case of the place of birth in 1924, I believe the correct
definition is: 
Volhynia, USSR.
As that was the Jurisdiction at that time.
(Now if space allows it one could add : "today Ukraine")

My own case is similar. 
I was born 1930 in Kreuzburg, East Prussia, Germany.
A small, nearly 700 year old, German (Prussian) city.
I lived there 14+ years under German Government and nearly 3 years under
the Jurisdiction 
of the USSR.
Today the name is: Slavskoe, Kaliningradskaja Oblast, Russia. 

If there are still other ideas out there I would not mind hearing about

Sig Matt
sig.matt at juno.com  

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