[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Roll call - Buchholz,Doberstein,Messerschmidt,Liebert,Zielke,Seidler

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My grt grandfather Johann Buchholz was born July 24,1856 in Radom Poland or
the area known as Radom.
He married Louise Messerschmidt their first born was Heinrich born December
08;1882 in Zhitomir Volhynia Russia.
Heinrich wrote in a North west Interlake Heritage book that he and his
father worked in Russia as bushmen and that after the work dried up they
rented a farm in Russia before they came to Canada
Johann's younger Brother Martin Buchholz was born September 28,1867 in
Trzemchodolna Russia .             He married Louise Liebert their first
born was Karl born abt 1892 in Zhitomir Volhynia Russia.
On Martin's death certificate it has his father as Gottfried Buchholz and
his mothers name as Julianna Zilke or Zielke both of them were born in
Poland \Russia.
Martin and Louise's family went threw Ellis Island in 1907 and came to
Winnipeg Canada the same year , their oldest daughter Anna Married in
Winnipeg on January 21,1911 to a Martin Seidler.

More information on Johann Buchholz's children According to the ship SS
Pretoria passenger manifest Emilie Buchholz and her younger sister Wanda
Buchholz and younger brother Adolph Johan Buchholz sailed from Hamburg
Germany on November 04 ,1904 and arrived at New York USA at Ellis Island on
November 19 , 1904 .
They had as their last residence as Now Wolynsk and as their final
destination as Johan Buchholz Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Johann's first wife Louise Messeschmidt died in Russia abt 1893 then he
married Maria Doberstein in Russia on July 02,1895 they came to Canada in
abt 1902 and settled in Winnipeg and worked as carpenters until 1912 when
they homesteaded near Moose Horn Mantoba Canada

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