[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Village "Wolle" ; parish Ilow 1797; Region of Blendowo

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I agree with Richard that the most likely place is Wola, actually about 6 
km east of Wyszogrod.  This is not very near Nalielsk but is in the same 
general direction from Ilow.  In fact, to travel from Ilow to Nasielsk, you 
would almost certainly pass through Wola.

Having said that, I don't think it is possible to make that claim with 
absolute certainty.  You may need some other substantive evidence to prove 
it such as finding a record in later years with the family still living 
there and which contains further references or clues about the location.

At 03:23 PM 01/05/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Does anybody knows, which polish/german village is called by the german name
>"Wolle" in the region of Blendowo (and Nasielsk) in Ilow ev. parish in 1797
>I read (Ilow 1797):
>19. in Blendowe den 2ten April
>199. Adam Burkowske von Konarre (=Konary)
>200. Johan Eggert von Chlipnutke (=Chlebiotki)
>201. Christian Mogge von Moggowe (=Moggowo, Piersciorodski Budy)
>202. Johan Lang von Moggove
>203. G.k(?) Feifer von Nasielski (=Nasielsk)
>204. Fridrich Scholz von Muggowe
>205. Georg Horrt(?) von Nasielsk
>206. Anna Schinke von Moggove
>207. Ana Loisa Reniopin von Moggove
>208. Euphrosina Mogge von Moggove
>209. Anna Stockin von Wolle
>210. Eva ....lamern(?) von Konarre
>211. Adam Brokopf von Szeiske Hollende
>I guess it is Wola Blendowska - but is it ? There are Wolas more.
>Thanks for your help
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