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Sun May 2 10:36:27 PDT 2004

Hello all,
I have been receiving your Emails for a short while now and I am thinking that perhaps someone out there might be able to help me with some of my searching.
My husband is the great grandson of August Zado, formerly of Zulion , Sedliske, Wengrow, Poland.
He worked as a land inspector for a Polich nobleman. (so the legend goes ). We have no information as to who his first wife was.  In 1830 he married Juliane  ( Stuebel )Singbeil in Poland. ( Actually, he never left Poland to our knowledge ).
>From his first marriage were children: Johann ( my husbands grandfather )  Andrew, also referred to as August,  Karl, Kristian, Samuel, Katherine, and Herman.
Juliane had a fairly large family of her own.  Three of August Zado's sons married three of Juliane's daughters.  Jahann married Regine Singbeil and they had nine children.  
Johann  left his family and came to Canada before 1900 and settled in Manitoba .   Here, he later married a widow, Emily/Emiline Schultz, born Koelm.    His step mother Juliane Stuebel Singbeil Zado lies biried near Morden Manitoba. Anyone has further information or is related?   ezac10 at yahoomail.com  Thanks.

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