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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Wed May 5 07:36:26 PDT 2004

Doesn't look like this takes you to the Rypin area.

Lubinek is about 12 km NNW of Lipno.

Greboszyn is probably Grebocin, about 8 km NE of Torun.

Rogowek is probably either Rogowko or Rogowo which are both about 3 km NE 
of Grebocin.

It is probably worth your while to check for available records in that region.

At 07:45 PM 04/05/2004 -0400, Ednadill at aol.com wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>     I just received my last batch of translated records from the Lipno
>parish-1808 to 1824, concerning the surname Dyl or Dyll.  There were no 
>containing "Dyll" prior to 1824 in Lipno.  So my next step is to find out 
>they were before the Lipno area.  I have one record that may help.  It is a
>marriage for Jakob Krystyan Dyl-(possibly a brother or cousin to my Michal 
>and Krystyna Mylka from 1825.  It states that Jakob's birth extract was taken
>from the parish at Greboszyn.  It goes on to say that he was temporarily
>residing in Lubinek and permanently residing in Rogowek, Prussia.  I 
>thought I was
>headed for Rypin.  Is that the case?  I have both the original copy and the
>translated version available to scan privately if anyone is 
>interested.  Thank
>Erik Dill

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