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JSchu9014 at aol.com JSchu9014 at aol.com
Wed May 5 18:27:56 PDT 2004

There is a database online covering those people who received Danish
citizenship between 1776 and 1960.  This list includes significant numbers of
originally from Volhynia and especially Russian Poland.

I recently searched that database and found the name of OLGA HAUPT born 1898
on that list.  Although the database offers a number of word translations, it
does not help with the information that is stated under the Remarks heading.
Can anyone help with the Danish translation or tell me where to find a website
that offers machine translations of Danish to English?  This may or may not
be my great aunt, and a member of my elusive Haupt family, but I would hate to
let it go without first checking it out.  Any help will certainly be
appreciated.  Below is the the listing as shown in Danish:

Efternavn:  Haupt
Fornavn:  Olga
Erhverv: Dameskrfdderinde  (Occupation ______________?
Fodeland:  Polen (Poland)
Fodselser:1898  (Birth)
1 DK fra:  1920
Bopfl, lokalitet:  Kxbenhavn
Amt. region:  Kxbenhavn og Frederiksberg
Lov af:  07-06-1952
Tillfg:  B3
Lxbenr: 20

Bemfrkninger:  fxdt Schvnhalz.  Indgik 1920 fgteskab med en tysk statsborger,
fgteskabet der 1941 oplx stes ved mandens dxd, var barnlxst.

Janice Schultz
jschu9014 at aol.com

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