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Wolfgang Lewitzki wolfgang at lewitzki.se
Tue May 11 14:17:59 PDT 2004

Hallo from Sweden.

I have found some records regarding my fathers - mothers father. His name was
Hermann Liebenau. He married Susanna Drewans in Schitomiir in the year 1871.
They must have lived in Ostrowka from at least 1876 to1881.
Perhaps some mor years. 1874 they have there first Child in Neumannufka. The
second Child was born 1876 in Ostrowka
and theirs third Child allso in Ostrowka 1878. The fourth Child was born
1881allso in Ostrowka. Even if the records says Ostromka. It must be
Between 1881 and 1885 something must have happend to his wife. From 1885 I
found him married a second time and this time with my paternal grandmothers
mother. Louise Redner. 1885 they got a stillborn Child in the village
Solodyri. In the year 1888 my grandmother was born in the same village
Solodyri. I have only seen my grandmother as an infant. After the war she was
living in East Germany.
In the nearby village of Solodyri (Bolarka) she married my grandfather Anton
Lewitzki. He was killed under the revolution 1918. And my grandmother fleet
with my father who then was only five years of age. She came to East Prussia.
(Prussian Eylau.)  Some pictures from Ostrowka would be of great interest.


wolfgang at lewitzki.se

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