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I received this message in today's mail asking for help.  It is truly
amazing how many of our German Russian people actually went back into
Ukraine, and are just now coming forth bravely with their pleas for
help in finding their families.  If anyone can help this Vera in
Ukraine with her GOLL or GOHL family research, please let me know!!


My name is Vera Goll-Prokopchuk. I live in Ukraine in a town Brovary
not far from Kiev. I am from the family of Russian German. My
grandfather's name was Julies Goll.

He had a brother Gustav Goll. He is my great uncle. He was born
nearly in 1898-1900. In 1918-1920 he emigrated to the USA from
Ukraine (village Nakot, Korostyshevskiy district, Zhytomyrskaya
region). He was unmarried.

He wrote the letters to my father Friedrich Goll till 1940. Then the
contact was broken. During the war our family was departed. In 1948
we returned to the USSR and were under the control of NKWD, therefore
the correspondence was impossible. My father died in 1986 and,
unfortunately, I do not know, even approximately, the place in
America the letters from Gustav Goll came from. It is very important
for me to know the destiny of my grandfather Gustav and his progeny.
It is possible there is somebody from his children, grandchildren or

Thank you a lot for your understanding and help beforehand.

                     Yours sincerely,
                     Vera Goll-Prokopchuk

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Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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