[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Birth record from Germany

Gary Warner gary at warnerengineering.com
Mon May 17 13:31:36 PDT 2004


Thanks.  Based on a look again at the map, and the hint from you and 
Dieter, it appears that Rahden is the correct place.  I am having my friend 
look at the parish records, which are extensively listed in the Family 
History IGI, and see if this is the correct place, but it appears that it 
is.  My friend will likely need to assemble families from the IGI data, but 
it would appear that she got very lucky to have all of you around.

Thanks again to all.


At 12:57 PM 5/17/2004, Margrit Weigel wrote:
>Hi Gary,
>I started a search in the German phonebook on the name
>Kolkhorst. And a lot of those people named Kolkhorst
>are living in Rahden! It's situated about 60 miles south
>of Bremen! Maybe this could be a trace for your search.
>If you want more details, so you can mail me directly!
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