[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Spelling of Polish name in English/German

Reiner Kerp mail at reiner-kerp.de
Mon Nov 22 01:55:47 PST 2004

> We have the family name "Bedlin" and the "e" has the accent
> curl under the bottom of the letter.

The "e" with a "curl" is spoken as "en". So the Name would be
BENDLIN in German ( a variant would be BENTLIN).

In the same manner an "a" with a "curl" is spoken as "on". e. g. the 
polish city Wa~growitz was changed to Wongrowitz in German and is now 
Wa~growitz again. The other way around Lisionki (most probably a German 
foundation), a place some of my wifes ancestors come from should be 
written as Lisia~ki in Polish.

Reiner (Kerp) 

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