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Guenther Boehm GHBoehm at ish.de
Mon Nov 22 08:26:45 PST 2004

gpvjem schrieb:

>       Can anyone on the Listserve confirm for me that  name "Tchechei", often referred to as the place of origin of many immigrants in Poland during the mid 1800s is now known as the Sudetenland are did it cover a larger geographic area?

in mid 1800 there was no such state or country and the appropriate 
region of origin would have been "Boehmen" (in Latin: Bohemia). The 
"Sudetenland", a name invented after WWI, just ment the peripheral parts 
of Bohemia inhabited by a majority of Germans. Bohemia is part of the 
actual Czech Republic which also includes Moravia and the former 
"Austrian Silesia". Prior to 1918, Bohemia was a kingdom, Moravia a 
margraviate (later on an Austrian crown land), Austrian Silesia an 
Austrian crown land either. The name "Tschechei" was also invented after 

of Hilden, Germany
(born in Reichenberg, Bohemia)

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