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Mon Nov 29 16:01:28 PST 2004

Kapczynski occurs frequently in several different Lutheran parishes in 
Russian Poland including Babiak, Wloclawek and Gostynin.  Several of these, not 
necessarily all, show an origin in Schlesien.

The surname may look superficially to be Polish, but since all individuals by 
that name that I know of are all marrying German Lutherans, the Kapczynskis 
have been integrated into that society since before the records start (at least 
the ones that I have seen).

An older cousin told me 30 some years ago that Germans would spell the name 
ending in -SKY.  I cannot vouch for the veracity of that statement; it may hold 
for the German Rutkowsky, Laskowsky and Koslovsky families that married into 
my own family in the Detroit area (all originating, I think, in West Prussia), 
but I am not sure even about this--the spelling may have crystalized in the 
USA.  In Russian Poland, where Lutheran records are written in Polish or 
Russian, all are spelled -SKI.

al muth

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