[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] NAMES: Adam, Kalinin, Berg, Dachwitz, Schroeder, Heimann

E.Adam ejadam at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 1 21:36:22 PDT 2004

Hello: I am looking for people who lived in a village called Kromolin/Chromoli, which was located
about 170 miles southwest of Moscow in the rea of Zhisdra around 1910-1942. This village was
founded in about 1910 by Germans who left Volhynia.

The village was found by the Wehrmacht, which sent the residents as a group to the Ukraine in
about 1942. The next year, the villagers were again relocated and their fate is unknown to my
family; we are descendants of David Adam and his son Reinhold. My father, his mother and brothers
were separated from the rest of the villagers in the Ukraine.

Here are some of the names of people from this village, which were found in the index of the EWZ
records. If anyone can connect me with survivors or descendants of anyone from Kromolin/Chromoli,
we would be most grateful.

Kalinin, Martha
Kalinin, Valentine

Adam, Adoline
Adam, Waldemar
Adam, Gerhard

Berg, Alwin
Berg, Herta

Dachwitz, Frieda
Dachwitz, Melitta
Dachwitz, Wanda
Dachwitz, Alma

Kana, Julius

Schroeder, Adolf
Schroeder, Hulda
Schroeder, Olga

Heimann, Antonie
Heimann, Arnold
Heimann, Rosalie

Edie Adam
Virginia, USA
ejadam at yahoo.com

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