[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Dill hot spot

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 2 19:12:54 PDT 2004

Congratulations Erik.  You certainly have come long way is such a short

Rose Ingram
From: Erik Dill

> Hello listers,
>     I just wanted to send a quick note on my  progress with the Dill
>  As some of you know, I have done the  majority of my work in the Lipno
> Parish.  On a guess and a suggestion from  Jerry I ordered 3 films from
the FHL.
> The Kirchenbuch 1696-1865- for the  areas around Torun, especially
Grebocin and
> Rogowo. These areas seem to be the  Holy Grail of the Dill community.  I
> been in contact with some of  you who are also researching the Dill name
> will share what I can  if you want to send a note.  I am trying to make
> of each Dill  individually and also the indexes.  I made 79 copies the
> 3 hours  I looked at the FIRST film alone.  A little overwhelming when I
> used to six or so per film.
>     Good luck to all.  You know where I'll  be for the next couple of
> Regards,
> Erik Dill

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