[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] NAMES: Adam, Kalinin, Berg, Dachwitz, Schroeder, Heimann

Karl Krueger dabookk54 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 3 05:53:38 PDT 2004

Hi Edie,
This case sounds interesting, like it was an isolated German village that may have gotten handled differently than most others where Germans were found clustered in greater density.
What series of EWZ films did you get that information from? Was it EWZ57 or 58? If you got them from EWZ50 then there may be some indication where each person was resettled. Often the Stammblatt will indicate where the application was processed indicating the region where that person was resettled. If you wanted to send me some scans of pages you copied I can see if that information is present. 
I see you live in Virginia. How far do you live from College Park, MD? If you can read German this would be an interesting case you could research at the National Archves II.
Is there anything at all you know about any of these villagers who survived the war? How are you related to the Adams?

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