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Mon Sep 6 14:30:26 PDT 2004

Dear listserv members - Gee, I was hoping when Jerry Frank introduced awhile 
back something about a game played in Volhynia and my bit about my husband's 
family menfolk always playing cards called Schafkopf (Sheepshead) that some of 
you would have something to add.  I am still interested in collecting 
"stories" about Life in Volhynia and this bit of "folklore" might be interesting to 
add.  "Folklore" stories about some sort of activity in the life of our 
ancestors would be great to have for the collection.
If not knowing anything about a particular kind of game, what about the foods 
they raised and ate, how did families treat illnesses, what "words of 
frustration" did our parents use as they verbally expressed themselves (I seem to 
remember my husband saying his mother sometimes expressed herself by saying 
"thundervetter" or may "gott in himmel" which probably was the strongest she ever 

So - do I see any responses on any of the above?  I will collect them for the 
SGGEE collection of Volhynian Stories but we need your participation.  Any 

Virginia Less
Collector of Stories of Volhynia and Village Data for SGGEE

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