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Mon Sep 6 20:50:48 PDT 2004

I will respond to both subjects tonight.  For my comments on obtaining 
"stories" about Life in Volhynia, especially the subjects that relate to folklore, 
of course, I am interested in collecting that from our ancestors who once lived 
in Volhynia.  But most of them were there after they once lived in Poland.  
So I would think some of the family lore would include both areas in many ways. 
 I would certainly like to hear about those who have interest of the Germans 
in Poland as well as Volhynia.  But - I would like to have someone work with 
me in this project as well.  So if there is someone out there who has Poland as 
a major interest let me know and we then can see what can be accomplished in 
collecting some of the history of our GR people from these areas together
As for the "words of frustration" correction on "donnervetter", yes I stand 
corrected.  But when given this information, please, please provide an English 
translation as well.
Thank you!    I think the above word means "thunder weather" or something 
like that so perhaps that is why I used the first part as such, not knowing the 
German term.
I do think it would be fun to have a collection of favorite sayings as well 
as words used by our ancestors.  It will be great to review them when I get 
them compiled and ready for some kind of distribution.  Every little tidbit about 
our ancestors can make our own family histories more interesting.  So - do 
respond.  And tell us then if they were more or less of Volhynian-German  
background or Polish-German.  
Thank you all for your interest.  
Virginia Less

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