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the translation isn't bad.   The dt  would be shortform for deutsch which
means German.
It's just saying the owner was German

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> I was looking around the web today and came across this page on the
> http://www.f27.parsimony.net/forum66914/messages/1443.htm
> In this discussion it talks about an entry for Wolwachowka in a source
Pingoud.  I am not familar with this source (I have come across a reference
to an Ortslist of G. Pingoud, 1909).
> Could someone tell me what is the exact source for this information,
whether the google translation below is a reasonable translation, if you
have ready access to the source whether this is a complete rendering of the
entry for Wolwachowka and anything else anyone wants to add about the entry
(like what dt. stands for).
> Original:
> Es gab um 1904/1905 den Ort "Wolwachowka" im Kirchspiel Shitomir (Quelle:
> Wolwachowka, dt. Eigent|mer, 370 evang. Einwohner, Bethaus, Schule mit 67
Sch|lern, der Pastor besuchte den Ort 2x im Jahr, zu diesem Ort gehvrten die
> [Wolwachowka mit] Dobri Kunt, dt. Eigent|mer und [Wolwachowka mit]
Macharowka, Pachtkolonie
> Google Translation:
> There was the place around 1904/1905 "Wolwachowka" in the Kirchspiel
Shitomir (source: PINGOUD):
> Wolwachowka, dt. owner, 370 evang. Inhabitant, praying house, school with
67 pupils, the minister visited the place 2x in the year, to this place
belonged the neighbour settlements:
> [ Wolwachowka with ] Dobri Kunt, dt. owners and [ Wolwachowka with ]
Macharowka, lease colony
> Thanks in advance,
> John F Rauchert
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