[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] sayings and tales

Margrit Weigel Margrit.Weigel at gmx.de
Thu Sep 9 12:25:26 PDT 2004

Hello Virginia and all others,

As you perhaps know, I am living in Germany and that's why I think
I have to contribute now to this interesting discussion.

All those proverbs mentioned by various listmembers are still in 
use all over Germany, that's why I don't think that they are
of typical Volhynian origin. But that shows, of course, that our
ancestors in Volhynia kept up the German traditions in using German
proverbs and tales.

So the story of "Der Wolf und die sieben Geisslein" ( actually it means:
the wolf and the seven kids of a goat) is a very famous fairy tale of the
Grimm brothers which you still will find in every fairy-tale-book 
for children.

I am still thinking about some expressions my father (born in Volhynia) used
and which were not used by mother's family. At the moment I only
remember that he liked to eat "Kartoffelflinsen" (potato pancakes)
and this expression wasn't used by my mother's side.

If my memory returns, I will let you know about other typical expressions
he used.

Kind regards

Margrit Weigel

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