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My mother made for meals once in awhile what was known as
"Bullen Eier" or "bull's eggs".    I don't know if that was just because
of their size or they looked just like the real thing.  Actually
I like eating them but my mother says they're alot of work to make.
Something like potatoe pancakes filled with lots of cheese.

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> Hello Virginia and all others,
> As you perhaps know, I am living in Germany and that's why I think
> I have to contribute now to this interesting discussion.
> All those proverbs mentioned by various listmembers are still in
> use all over Germany, that's why I don't think that they are
> of typical Volhynian origin. But that shows, of course, that our
> ancestors in Volhynia kept up the German traditions in using German
> proverbs and tales.
> So the story of "Der Wolf und die sieben Geisslein" ( actually it means:
> the wolf and the seven kids of a goat) is a very famous fairy tale of the
> Grimm brothers which you still will find in every fairy-tale-book
> for children.
> I am still thinking about some expressions my father (born in Volhynia)
> and which were not used by mother's family. At the moment I only
> remember that he liked to eat "Kartoffelflinsen" (potato pancakes)
> and this expression wasn't used by my mother's side.
> If my memory returns, I will let you know about other typical expressions
> he used.
> Kind regards
> Margrit Weigel
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