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Fri Sep 10 09:37:19 PDT 2004

It is interesting to see the responses on this subject.  I finally went thru 
my files that my husband had accumulated on an earlier discussion on another 
listserv on "Words of Endearment & Frustration".  The following was his 
contribution from his growing-up days with Volhynian parents.  Spellling may not be 
correct but I will give it a try.

Quotes from Gary Less - 
"My father always had his favorite comments and words of endearment and 
frustration (mostly frustration) especially if I did something stupid or dumb as a 
kid.  For example -
DuSchlmassel, Du Schlameel (or schlamiel), Du Schafkopf, Ku Keliner 
Schlingel, Dumkopf.
(If anyone knows the best meaning, or correct spelling,  for these let me 
know - Va.L. 
Another statement by Gary is this -
"My Dad spoke both low and high German.  My spelling is a guess here but 
think it means - 'When you grow up you will marry a silly, dumb or stupid wife'.  
My Dad would say this at the dinner table when one of the kids would sing or 
be silly.  The words were - Du wirst eine dwatcha frau kriegan, or something 
like that."

Just thought this morning I would add these to peak your interest in sharing 
some more!  

Virginia Less

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