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Schlump has a similar meaning as  Halunke.

"Der ist ein Halunke" or "Der ist ein Schlump"  is very much the same as
saying   "That guy is a jerk"

"Ach du lieber" is likely a shortform for "Ach du lieber Augustine"  a
children's song
 It very well could be shortform for "Ach du lieber Gott"  but
mostly I've heard exclaimed  "Mein Gott" which is just  "My God!"

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> Al <albertr7 at juno.com> wrote:
> > I remember Gramma (from Russian Poland) repeatedly saying "Ach du
> > lieber," as mentioned already by several people.
> I think this is short for "Ach du lieber Gott" which is a common German
> expression used to express dismay or astonishment at something.
> > My grandmother sometimes referred to her husband's eldest brother as a
> > "Schlump."
> > He was the one who got the family farm and remained in Europe as far as
> > we know.
> > Does the word mean something like a "slob."  She usually wasn't critical
> > of any of the rest of her husband's family so I've sometimes wondered if
> > this was a colloquial-ism used mainly in Russian-Poland.
> The German word "Schlump" has several meanings.  One of them is, as you
> suspected, a slob or slovenly person.  I don't think that this word was
> mainly in Russian-Poland.
> Jan Textor, Denmark
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