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Aydodger at aol.com Aydodger at aol.com
Sun Sep 12 06:38:32 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm really enjoying reading these old sayings.  Sure brings back memories.  
Here are some I remember:

Weist du was?  Deine nase ist nass.
Do you know what? (Person would answer:  What?) Your nose is wet.

Was soll ich machen?  Am Kopf stehen und Lachen
What should I do?  Stand on your head and laugh!

I have no idea the origin of these...but they rhyme in German!

A child/person would say "Das ist meins" (That is mine!)
My dad would sad "mach deine augen zu, alles das du sehst ist deins!
(Close your eyes...everything you see is yours)

Wie geht's?  Was nicht geht, wird geschoben!
How's it going?...  What doesn't go, gets pushed!

And from a man who has a healthy appetite a little song
Ich habe hunger, hunger, hunger
habe hunger, hunger, hunger,
habe hunger, hunger, hunger, habe Durst.
Wo ist der Schinken, Schinken, Schiknen,
ist der Schinken, Schinken, schinken,
wo ist der Schinken, Schinken, wo ist die Wurst?


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