[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] born "w Kolonii Lachy"

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
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The most probable location is your #4.

One of 2 possibilities can be used to explain Kolonii.

First, it is often used as a descriptive term rather than a full part of 
the name.  As we would say in English, the settlement of Lachy, or the 
colony of Lachy, one might say in Polish the colony Lachy.

A second possibility, in this case very likely, is that there was a name 
change.  My map show #4 as Nowe Lachy.  I have seen many instances where a 
place name that had Kolonia or Niemieckie as a descriptive part of the name 
changed to Nowe.

I think that your research should be extended to this village.

At 01:26 PM 11/09/2004, Juergen Bomert wrote:
>I cant determine the location of that village.
> >From Polish record: Henryk Preclaw (Parents Preclaw / Cysman) was born about
>1807 "w Kolonii Lachy" (with Polish "crossed L"). Marriage near
>Nasielsk/north of Warsaw: 1834 with Petronella Gronka.
>(Preclaw = Pretzlaw; Gronka = Gruenke may be etc)
>There are some Lachy and Lacha, but which village had a "Kolonia" ??
>Latitude: 53.4667
>Longitude: 21.7500:
>LACHA-89.6 miles NW of Warsaw=144.2k.
>Latitude: 52.5500
>Longitude: 21.0833:
>LACHA-21 miles N. of Warsaw=33.8k.
>Latitude: 52.8667
>Longitude: 23.3667:
>LACHY- 108.1 miles ENE of Warsaw=174.0k.
>Latitude: 52.8000
>Longitude: 21.4000:
>LACHY-41.5 miles NNE of Warsaw=66.8k.
>Thank you
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