[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sompolno and other villages

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 12 13:19:38 PDT 2004

Sompolno is a well known German settlement village in Russian Poland 
located at about N52/23 E18/30.

There are several possibities for Walentynow or similar places in Russian 
Poland but I don't see any in the Sompolno region.  Perhaps they moved 
there for a few years before moving further south to Bessarabia.    One 
known to be a German settlement is located north of Tomaszow Mazowiecka at 
about N51/40 E20/04 but it could also have been one of the others.

I have not been able to find any Domeroff or variant anywhere in 
Poland.  It might be a misspelling of Dombrowka but there are too many 
possibilities for such a place name to hazard a guess at which it might be.

At 09:16 AM 12/09/2004, Frank.Janke at t-online.de wrote:

>I noticed following message in genealogy.com:
>My grandma is Katharina Janke, born 22 Apr 1896 in Freidenstal,
>Bessarabia, South of Russia. She was a 2nd grandchild of Jakob Janke,
>born 12 Jul 1793 in Domeroff, Poland and his wife Anna Rosina Marks,
>born 5 Aug 1803 in Sompolno, Poland. They married 11 Nov 1820 in
>Sompolno, Poland. Their children was borne in the town Walentyno or
>Valentinowo in Poland and the whole family removed about 1830 to
>Bessarabia, South of Russia.
>Know anybody the ancestors of Jakob Janke or Anna Rosina Marks ?
>Know anybody the towns Domeroff, Sompolno, Valentinowo, Walentyno or
>similar written towns in Poland or Prussia ?
>Which ditrict of Poland is it ?
>I wonder if somebody can help
>best regards Frank Janke

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