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Well, let me try to access my high school German.  "Klein" is an
adjective meaning "amall" or "little", however, "Schliinger" escapes me.
But in Eastern Germany you remember there were Jews as well, and perhaps
the languages were mixed up in some places.  It would be like the states
of Missouri or Tennessee, for example.  They are located in the Central
United States, and so maybe some people would have a Southern Accent and
some would not.  In Canada, it would be the English mixed with French in
some spots.  So confusion of languages doesn't surprise me.  The word
"kleiner" is something like a masculine form of the adjective in German.
I know I'm mixing this up, but I am dealing with about three subjects at
once, and so that is how my mind is working.
Claudia Kittel

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Thanks  Betty for your great list of sayings and their translations.
thanks to all who continue to think of one or two to submit.  But I wish
would help me with the translation of the words that my husband said his
always used when frustrated with the kids when they did something stupid
perhaps wrong.  The words were:  (and perhaps not spelled correctly)
schlamassel Schlameel  (or schlameil) Kleiner Schlingel

Someone a few years ago when Gary put these on another GR listserv said
words were Jewish.  Sure would like to know if so.  Gary's Father,
Less, was from a village somewhat north of Novograd Volhynsk and
there was a sizable Jewish commuity and market at edge of this city.
Fred Less picked up some words from there while growing up.  He was 18
when he 
immigrated out.  Anyone know anything about this Jewish community I am 
referring to, and if these words might have some background that is what
they call 

Virginia Less

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