[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Sayings & Tales of Volhynians

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Mon Sep 13 20:51:57 PDT 2004

Thanks, Guenther, for your explanation and correcrt spelling of the words 
Schlamssel, Schlameihl and Kleinter Schlingel that I put on this listserv as 
words my husband remembered his Dad using when the younger family members did 
something stupid etc.  And the explanation of a possible Yiddish word background.

I had to make reference to a Yiddish connection in my note as to whether or 
not the above words were of that origin or not because I am trying to solve 
some other experiences my husband's father had when a young man in Volhynia.  One 
being that Fred Less brother, Erdmann and family in 1902 crossed the border 
illegally and having had some help by what we think were friends from a Jewish 
community.  Then a year later Gary's father, Fred, did the same.  Neither of 
the brothers had ID papers to speak of.  Erdmann was in Russian military and 
left without permission probably.  And Fred was of draft age when he went out.  
We have quite a story of that "escape out". 

Fred Less, after being here in the U.S. always was interested in 
conversations with Jewish friends here.  When he went into Chicago for the World's Fair in 
the 30's the one thing that impressed him and was talked about the most when 
he got back home to Iowa was the Maxwell Street market.  (This was the famous 
Jewish market in this big city at one time).  And if there was that large 
Jewish community outside of Novograd Volhynsk it makes us think that my husband's 
father really knew what that was all about since he was living not that far 
from such a place.  So far I have not been able to place the Less name anywhere 
for sure in Russia Poland where I think they were living before coming into 
Volhynia.  Some people have said they have found the name in microfilm church 
records in a village northwest of Warsaw around 1800's.  I only have the name of 
my husband's grandfather, Jacob Less (who married Anna Fischer).  No other 
information known.  So I am trying every little clue to make some assumptions as 
to who and where this family may have been from prior to Volhynia.  

I know some of the above comments are off the subject a bit on this 
delightful collection of sayings that you all have been sending through.  For those 
sayings and tales I know Gary would have enjoyed hearing some of these if he was 
still with us.  He knew a little German and had not forgotten some of it.  

So far I have not heard anyone contribute a special German grace that may 
have been said at meal time.  Or a nighttime prayer.  Anyone know such?  


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