[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Sayings & Tales of Volhynians

Margrit Weigel Margrit.Weigel at gmx.de
Tue Sep 14 00:13:38 PDT 2004

Virginia Less wrote:

> So far I have not heard anyone contribute a special German grace that >may
 have been said at meal time.  Or a nighttime prayer.  Anyone know  >such?  

Here a nigttimeprayer, my parents taught me:

M|de bin ich, geh' zur Ruh',
Schlie_e beide Duglein zu.
Vater la_ die Augen dein
\ber meinem Bette sein.

I am tired, go to bed now
closing both eyes.
Lord, please keep your eyes
above my bed. 

And a very simple and common grace for mealtime is still:

Komm, Herr Jesu, sei unser Gast
und segne, was du uns bescheret hast.

Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest
and bless everything you gave us.

Kind regards from

Margrit Weigel

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