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Thu Sep 30 17:02:24 PDT 2004

At 07:01 AM 30/09/2004, bonnie foster wrote:
>My great grandfather and grandfather left Volhynia and
>went to Canada in 1910 via the Missler Agency .  They
>were on the Prinz Adalbert and landed in Quebec City.
>So far I have only found one reference to my great
>great grandfather Johann Tittelmejer(Tittelmeier)
>concerning his second marriage to Christine Oswald b.
>1847 in Wladyslanow may 8 1870 in Radom.   Johann was
>formally married to the widow Amelia Kinsler.  Their
>only son was Heinrich, and family rumor has him born
>in Stuttguart.

Sorry I cannot help directly with family info.

It would seem highly unlikely (though not impossible I suppose) that the 
family would be in Radom in 1870, return west to Stuttgart for Heinrich's 
birth, and then be in Volhynia for the birth of his sister.  While your 
family lore MIGHT be correct, I recommend that you not put any research 
efforts in that direction unless you can come up with some substantive 
evidence that this occurred.

Perhaps Johann was born in the Stuttgart region and the info became muddled 
with that of his son.

>Also inn this certificate, Christine's
>parents are listed as Pilip Oswald b. 1819 and
>Margarete Probekb1827.  Johann's parents are listed as
>Peter Titelejer, and Katharina Hintz.
>If any of these names tigger some help I will be so
>happy!  The Tittelmeiers are disappearing!  Bonnie Foster

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