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Karl Krueger dabookk54 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 19:19:46 PDT 2004

This provides a good opportunity to suggest to many other SGGEE members out there that every little bit of help we get can amount to a lot. I wish more people would consider volunteering for data entry. Parish record indices are just one way that benefits the greater cause. Anyone at all who can interpret Polish or especially Cyrillic records are highly valued for our cause. And then there is EWZ which anyone could easily learn to read. EWZ58 films (where I transcribe from) can be ordered through your FHC and provide a town-based collection of records meaning many people on one film will have connections with others.
We all can't be like Al Muth but if more people were to take a little chunk of data at their own pace I'm sure many of us would benefit even more.

Ursula Bachman <ursula.bachman at ei.educ.ab.ca> wrote:
I just want to thank all those people devoting their previous time on the
indexing projects on the SGGEE website. Just recently I was taking a look
in the website and found in the PRI listing, the marriage record (Nowy
Dwor Mazowiecki Parish) of my gg grandparents on my Dad's side of the
family. This is the only record of his family that I have been able to
find so you can't imagine my gratitude. 

Your efforts are very much appreciate.
Ursula Bachman

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