[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] EWZ indexing update

John Rauchert jfrauchert at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 4 21:20:04 PDT 2005

I would also like to echo my thanks to all the dedicated people on this
project and others that make these materials available online.

>From a personal note, since joining the SGGEE in August of last year, I have
made great leaps in my research.

As an example of connecting the dots, I found my Great Grandmother in the
SGGEE001r5 Database.  Also listed was one of her brothers:

I51035 Gottlieb Rabsch born Blizna Wies, Kolo, Poznan, Poland ABT 1830 (the
database also listed his wife Juliane Drewitz born ABT 1845)

looking back through the St. Petersburg Records I found that I had already
come across Gottlieb before, living in the same village that my father was
born in:

Rapsch   Louise 22-Jan 1871  Wolwachowka Gottlieb Drewitz, Julianne
Raps[ch] Berta  12-Nov 1876 Wolwachowka Gottlieb Drewitz, Julianna
Rapsch   Daniel  20-Mar 1882 Slabuta ?         Gottlieb Drewitz, Julianna
Rapsch   Maria  28-Aug 1884 Walwachowka Gottlieb Drewitz, Julianna

Imagine my surprise when I searched the EWZ records and found:

Heilmann, Ernstine 21 Feb 1868 Kalisch A3342EWZ50-C061 1168 geb. Rapsch
Rapsch, Gottlieb                1831 Kalisch A3342EWZ50-C061 1168
Rapsch, Julianne                1845 Kalisch A3342EWZ50-C061 1168 geb.

Although I have not yet had a chance to dive into the EWZ records
themselves, I am already anticipating gleaning additional family information
from them.

Family rumor has it that a Gottlieb (originally said to be my Grandmother's
Brother, also named Gottlieb, but the dates were wrong) on that side of the
Family served in the Russian Army during the Crimean War and fought at the
Battle of Balaclava made famous by the Charge of the Light Brigade.

John F Rauchert

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> Thank you for this update Dave. I wondered how far along the Odessa
project was on this and now you have given us a good idea. Since I research
mostly in EWZ52 I can attest that about half of those records are really
Polish Volhynia and Galicia so by comparable terms there would be the
equivalent of around another 350 films worth of information coming from
Soviet states sitting in that set. However, they are mixed in with the
"current-day Polish" records so any film from EWZ52 will also contain people
from the eastern half of Poland as well. Essentially 1500 films cover
eastern Poland and the Soviet states. Anyone who has worked with EWZ should
understand the enormity of this effort and I highly commend the indexers of
the Odessa project for even trying to undertake this. Having half of the
Soviet records completed, in my opinion is a monumental feat in itself

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