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Never heard of these groups. My Mother's family, Sampert from old Congress Poland came to Canada as Moravians to Bruderheim, Alberta. 

I wonder if there is connection because the Moravians also left  mainstream Protestants, they followed Jacob [?] Huss teaching.

lloyd friedrick
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  Many of the people with names ending in "ski/sky" were Protestant Polish
  known as Masovians or Masurians; they were from a very strong, and
  independent tribe that changed to Protestantism during the reformation and
  did not change back to Catholicism during the counter reformation; they
  lived in the southern portion of East Prussia and south of there in the old
  Mazovian district of Poland. Intermarriage and assimilation with the Germans
  did occur on many occasions; they were not forced to leave East Prussia
  after the 2nd World War but many voluntarily moved into Germany; however
  many presently still live in former East Prussia and Poland.
  Howard Krushel
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