[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Surname Equivalent

Juergen Bomert juergen at bomert.de
Wed Apr 20 11:31:36 PDT 2005

Elsner = Olszewski !! Because Else = Erle :

Look into Gottschald "Deutsche Namenkunde" Page 214 /215:

Else: niederdeutsch (northern Platt) Erle; ... Familiennamen Elsler, Elsner,
Eschner, Elzner and more.
If you like I can email you a copy of these 2 pages.

Jürgen Bomert from Limburg an der Lahn

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> gpvjem schrieb:
> >    Is there a German equivalent to Olschweski (possibly Elsner?)
> >
> John,
> I would interpret it as the name of someone who came from a town,
> village, estate or farm called or derived from "Olsza".
> olsza, olcha = alder (lat. alnus, ger. Erle). So the German translation
> would be ERLER, a quite common name.
> Guenther
> Hilden, Germany
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