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gpvjem gpvjem at sasktel.net
Thu Apr 21 08:32:08 PDT 2005

    Your daughter is correct when using the contemporary word "Patzer" . The Oxford-Duden Dictionary has this definition ...... a slip (coll.); or boob (slang) also ein dicker Patzer, which means "a real howler"  
    However on a more serious note, the Dictionary of German Names by Hans Bahlow states "Patzer: - from the place name Patzau in Bohemia"  The root of the name goes back several hundred years to Paczer (1414) and Paczawer (1348)

John Marsch


  Does anyone know the origin of the name "Patzer"?   My daughter tells
  me this is the German word for "mistake"  or "goof."

  Cristine Howe, Trenton MI USA

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