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> Tricia M.

Familiarize yourself with the political/religious history of Poland.
Until one does, migration and reason for migration will remain a 
mystery.  One must speak slowly, lest one detract from the empirical 
evidence that struggles to be heard.  Our forefathers lived on the 
crossroads of some of the greatest battles fought by mankind throughout 
the last 300 years.  They settled in territory used as slaughtering 
fields by the powerful rulers of the world. Swedes, Lithuanians, 
Austrians, Saxons, French and Russians all took a turn, many more than 
once. For our forefathers, safety and sanctuary were no more than a 
mere promise. Poppies in Poland and Russia still bloom red from the 
blood of our people.

1815, with the defeat of Napoleon, Russia began changing tax structures 
in onetime Poland, causing social upheaval-
(e.g. disruption of the Polish textile industry)
Conditions became unfavorable for ethnic Germans. . . And would 
continue deteriorating.

1793: Katerina of Russia invades Poland, abrogates the constitution and 
partitions half of Poland between Russia and Prussia
1794: Polish hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko starts a rebellion for Polish 
independence, but Russia and Prussia invade the country
1795: a third partition divides the whole of Poland between Russia 
(that takes all of Lithuania) and Prussia, thereby removing Poland from 
the map
1807: Napoleon defeats Prussia and creates a Duchy of Warszaw (placing 
a saxon duke in charge)
1815: at the Congress of Vienna the Duchy of Warszaw is partitioned 
among Russia, Austria and Prussia and the Russian tsar Alexander I 
grants semi-autonomy to the "Congress Kingdom" of Poland
1865: after a failed pro-independence uprising, Russia turns the 
kingdom of Poland into the Vistula Province, forbids the use of the 
Polish and Lithuanian languages and persecutes the Catholic church
1890: millions of Poles emigrate to the United States- (Ethnic Germans 
categorized nationally as Russians or Poles included)

On Apr 23, 2005, at 3:35 PM, rbbtfarm wrote:
> Anyway, this sounded like a possible cause and effect event, similar 
> to the Irish potato famine emigration. Something to ponder.....Tricia 
> M.
...  Otto

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