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Roger & Mildred Kroshinsky blusky33 at charter.net
Sun Apr 24 13:35:29 PDT 2005

Greetings to all,   


I have been following the various discussions and find them most interesting
as well as very informative.  The last few days there have been a few folks
that have found themselves in very unusual situations in regard to their
relatives back in the "old-country" now showing up as being related to
neighbors or close friends.

I too have a similar story to tell.   A group of retirees from our church
decided to go to visit what is left of the "House-of David" complex in
Benton Harbor, Mich. where I was born.  After the tour of the complex we
were invited to visit the "gift-shop" and I was talking to the woman behind
the counter about genealogy stuff as she is a member of the AHSGR local
group that I am.  She asked me where my father (Edward Kroshinsky) was born
and I answered Peshtigo, Wis.  A man behind me said hey my dad was born
there too.   I asked him what his name was and it was Raleigh Block.  

That set off the bells ringing as I knew that my g-grandmother (Pauline
Nimmergut-Kroshinsky) married a Johann Block in Vohlynia in 1867 after my
g-grandfather died in 1866.  My grandfather (Frederick Kroshinsky)
immigrated to USA in 1888 and first lived, for 16 years, in Peshtigo.  I
have some of the records of the old German Lutheran Church from there and
knew that there were some Block's listed in them, along with my aunts &

To my surprise there was a William Block ( a half brother of Frederick
Kroshinsky) on one of the pages listed as the father of Felix Block
(Raleigh's father).

Like the others have said, what are the odds that we would end up going to
the same church in 2005???  It's a small world after all.   

Roger Kroshinsky 

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