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At 02:31 PM 30/07/2005, Michael & Maureen McHenry wrote:
>Richard Benert and Henry Brodersen were both kind enough to do translations.
>Below is the pertinent excerpt. Note that the last paragraph says the
>entries would be Polish. How could this be? Is she mistaken? Marianne Manzei
>appears in the confirmation records-1904.
>In the baptismal book of the Evangelical-Augsburg Church of Lipno that lies
>before us, we have found the 1883 baptismal entry for Auguste Manzei.
>Father:  Ferdinand Manzei
>Mother: Rosalie, born Briese
>In the year 1886 is found an entry for Emil Manzei.
>Father: Ferdinand Manzei
>Mother:  Eva, born Pankratz
>In the year 1889 there is an entry for Marianne Manzei.
>Father: Ferdinand Manzei
>Mother:  Ludowika, born Krueger
>Upon request (and a charge would apply) we would send you a copy of these
>entries. However, they would be in the Polish language and our office does
>not accept requests for translations.
>With friendly greetings,
>Christine Hinz
>                     Mike

Births, marriages, and deaths were recorded in the church books on 
behalf of the government so they are in the official language of the 
country.  Confirmations are solely a church rite and therefore are 
recorded in German, the language of the church.

I am confused about the reference to the records being in Polish.  I 
would expect them to be in Russian as it was enforced as the official 
language in 1867.

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