[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Berestovitz - I am a lucky guy

William Remus remus at hawaii.edu
Fri Aug 5 17:06:55 PDT 2005

Howard Krushel notes:
Last week I received film # 2380035 listed as have Tuczyn and  Wladimir
Wolhynsk records; most of these records I had already looked at in the
Warsaw Archives in 1996.
Here is what this microfilm has:
It starts with the births of Old Berestowitz(starts as #1 in 1867 
running to #293 in 1888); next-Berestowitz Marr. Banns 
1873,1874,1877,1878,1880(26 Marr banns); next - Berestowitz deaths: 
1870,1871,1873,1874,1875,1878,1879,1880,1881(total 55 deaths); next 
item-Berestowitz Deaths: 1880, 1881, 1882,1884,1885,1886,1887,1888(#41 
to #135); Over all, these records have much more detail than the St. 
Petesburg records. If your relatives lived the right village in the 
Tuczyn/Rowno parish or the Rozyszcze or Wlad. Wol. parish "you are in 
Howard Krushel

Additionally from Bill Remus

I certainly am one lucky guy. Berestovitz is my village. Howard, 
George Maser, me, and the Volhynian tour gang had a great time there 
several years ago. For pictures see

Not only did my Remus ancestors live here but also the Rapzkies (went 
to MN), Deutschlanders (George Maser plus these folks are all over the 
US and Canada), and Kubals (to MI).

(Others can correct me if wrong) It appears that there was a small 
chapel/school combination in Berestovitz after about 1860. The records 
Howard talks about are from the village and represent baptisms and 
deaths in the village and the banns read in the village. The records 
overlap the set in St Petersburg Archives but have a few more and miss 
a few records in that Archive information. They certainly are more 

What is really interesting is that here is a community of people and 
their lives and links are pretty clear though the roles of godparents 
and witenesses. Their are a few outside the village god parents 
usually relatives. Also there is the x of the legendary Gottlieb 
Deutschlander in one of the records. 

The quality of the writing is not as good as in the other new records 
like 2380026. But the detail here is much better. And they are still 
fairly readable. 

So if Berestovitz is your village, this is a must see. If Amelin or 
one of the other villages is your family village, do check out those 
records too.

Regards Bill 

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