[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Szwarcrok/Schwarcrok in Gnojno

Ednadill at aol.com Ednadill at aol.com
Wed Aug 17 09:37:00 PDT 2005

Some time back I received a letter from  someone on this list on the subject 
of the family Szwarcrok/Schwarcrok being  listed multiple times in the village 
of Gnojno.  Rose, maybe it was  you?  Anyway, I looked at films 808682 & 
808683 for Bobrowniki (Lipno)  and found no listings for Szwarcrok/Schwarcrok.  
    If I am mistaken on the town, can someone  correct me?  Thank you.
    On another note, I received back info from  the EZAB.  I should now have 
the marriage record I need for Michael Dill  and Elisabeth Schwarcrok for the 
year 1819.  Now, just as an FYI, they told  me that any record prior to 1824 
in Lipno is not alphabetized, but with diligent  work they found it.  They also 
found baptismal records for some of their  children.  
    I would like to know if someone can look at  the record I have to see if 
it is actually what I am looking for.  I can  make out Michael Dill and 
Elisabeth Schwarcrok but I see no reference to parents  names, which is what I 
really need to tie in about 100 years worth of  records.  I have a scan on jpeg and 
bitmap format.  I'll send it  privately.  
    Thanks in advance.
Erik Dill

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